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1-What is Vacuum Tube Solar Water Heating System & How it Works?

Solar water heating system which uses vacuum tubes made of borosilicate glass with special coating to absorb the solar energy are called as vacuum tube solar water heating system These tubes are also called as evacuated tube collector.(E.T.C) The vacuum tube is an assembly of two concentric, borosilicate glass tubes. The outer surface of iner tube is coated with AI-N/AI by world’s latest innovative coating technology called ‘’magnetron sputtering technique’’ This special selective black coating absorbs maximum sun energy and loses minimum energy. Air between the gap of two glass tube is evacuated which results in high level of vacuum which acts as the best insulation to minimise the heat loss from iner tube. The sun energy is absorbed due to the black coating on iner tube & the same is transfered to the water inside the tube. The water on upper side of Vacuum Tube becomes hot & lighter, so it starts rising upwards in the tank. At the same time heavier cold water from tank comes downward from lower side of the tube. This phenomenon is called as natural thermosyphon circulation, which occurs in every tube.

2-What is the reliability of E.T.C.

Renowned research institutes from Germany &Australia first invented & successfully experimented the solar collectors with vacuum tube technology. This technology was commercially implemented by some Chinese companies & number of systems have been installed all over the country which are working very successfully since last 10 years. Now the technolology is widely accepted all over the world many many systems are working successfully through out the world even in developed countries like USA,Japan,Germany,Australia, Spain etc. Though the technology seems to be new for our country, it is a well-proven & highly reliable product.

3-Is there any possibility of glass tube breakage? Any preventive measures required ?

The vacuum tubes are made from specially developed thick borosilicate glass which can very wel resist the hailstoning even upto 1’’ size. So after installation the chances of tube breakage are almost nil. Only precaution required is not to feed cold water in the empty system during afternoon sun shine hours. The temperature inside dry vacuum tubess may go even up to 250°C during hot sunshine. If the cold water enters in such a condition there is a possibikity of cracking of tubes due to thermal shock.
In case of rare accidental breakage of glass tubes it is very easy to replace the single tube, which can be made available by our dealer at cost. So there is absolutely no need to worry about the glass tube breakage.

4-Which capacitiy & model will suit my family?

The present range is mainly designed to fulfill the need of difference family.

Tank capacity Lt.
Number of vacuum tubes
Number of users
KS 15-100 100 15 2-3
KS 24-160 150 20 4-5
KS 30-200 200 30 6-7


5-Is solar water heating a viable alternative to gas or electricity?

Yes. Solar Water Heaters can be used all year round in many regions and can provide all of your hot waters needs on clear or intermittently overcast days. If it is particularly overcast or raining, electric org as backup may be required.

6-How long will iit take to recoup my investment?

Solar Water Heaters are much more affordable than other solar hot water heaters. For a household of 4, the price of a full system may not be too much more than an electric org as system. Depending on you location (solar activity) and current hot water usage the annual electricity org as saving will differ. However in a normal household that spends 25% of its electricity bill on hot water heating, the full cost of the purchase may be recauped as quickly as 3 years in reduced bills. A kuzeySAN solar collector should provide reliable operation for at least 15 years. You will definitely make considerable savings during the life of the solar hot water heater.

7-Can Solar Water Heaters be used in cold conditions?

Yes. Solar water heater can be used in temperature as low as -18deg Celsius and there is no need for adding antifreeze, although performance is reduced in such extreme conditions. Good heat output is stil achieved in mild sub-zero conditions.

8-Can the Evacuated Tube Solar Heater be mounted on a flat or inlined surface?

Yes. E.T.C can be mounted on a flat and inclined roof.

9-Can E.T.C heat water to a high enough temperature?

Yes, the system can be designed to give you an average output temperature as high as 55-95 deg C. If you consider that when having a shower the water temperature is usually around 32-43 deg C.


10-Can kuzeySAN Solar Collectors be used for a large scale hot water production?

Definitely. Solar collectors can be connected in series to provide large scale hot water production for a commercial settings such as a school, hotel,Office building etc. There is really no limit to the size of the system!

11-What maintenance & servicing is required for E.T.C.?

Under normal circumstances no maintenance of the system is required. Due to the shape of the tubes regular rainfall and wind should keep the tubes clean. Should a tube become broken it should be replaced. This, however, is an inexpensive and easy job. Any ‘’handy’’ person can install a new tube. Generally the water supplied through local municipal authorities is always of good quality. Which is well treated, filtered & hav’ng hardness below 100 PPM if such water ‘s used through E.T.C the maintenance and servicing required will be almost negligible When the water hardness is higher or when the suspended dirt & impurities are present in the water, there is a possibility of stains dirt accumulation in side the vacuum tube.. This can be easily removed by removing the vacuum tube and cleaning them oroperly. These services can be made available from trained solar plumbers through our dealers with reasonable charges.